12 x 6 Cattle Trailer


The Trailers Canberra Cattle (3500KG ATM) trailer is engineered for safe driving and easy reversing The Cattle Trailer features a drop down load ramp, slotted sides to guide your livestock and removable crate. Full four side tying bars an optional spare wheel and wheel bracket.



Hauling cattle has never been easier with Trailers Canberra 3500 kg ATM 12 x 6 Cattle Trailer.

The smooth elemental design, slotted sides, and open-air top give your cattle plenty of air reducing discomfort. Sporting slotted sides, designed to minimise dust and other irritants, you can be sure your cattle will arrive safe and in good condition. The 12 x 6 Cattle Trailer is engineered for easy reversing. With a removable cattle crate and dependable tying bars all around, your Cattle trailer is as versatile as it is durable.

At Trailers Canberra, we pride ourselves in the design, production, and assembly of all our trailers. Our Cattle trailers are made from the highest quality, Australian Grade components. The removable crate makes the Cattle trailer easy to clean and restore for your next cattle movement.

The 12 x 6 Cattle trailer will be durable, reliable and functional!

Technical Specs

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised (Rust Free) – ATM 3500KG
  • Removable Cattle Crate
  • 425mm High Side Box
  • Multi-Function Ramps For Loading Cattle Or Machine
  • Side Rails For Easy To Load The Cattle
  • Swing Rear Gate For Easy Cleanning
  • 1900MM Ultra-long Draw Bar for Easy Reversing
  • Inner Box Dimensions: 3680mm x 1830mm
  • Total Trailer Height: 2.57m
  • All paperwork and compliance required for either NSW or ACT Registration


  • 7 Leaf Heavy Duty Springs with Rocker Roller Suspension
  • 195 R15C Brand New Sunraysia Rims and Light Truck Tyres
  • Fully Welded Heavy Duty Body with RHS Tube Chassis
  • Checker Plate Floor and Guards
  • Front Fold Down Gate and Swing Rear Gate (Removable)
  • 2000mm Slide Under Body Multi-Function Ramps
  • Side Rails
  • Mesh Door Inside of Cattle Crate
  • Tie Down Rails all Around
  • Free Swing up Jockey Wheel
  • LED Tail Lights
  • ADR Standard Heavy Duty Chain & Load Rated Shackle
  • Flat 7 Pin Plug


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