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If you need to haul cattle with ease Trailers Canberra make a livestock trailer that will make the job a breeze.

We have high quality live stock trailers available in two sizes and with loads on included extras, plus all of our trailers come with a 12 month warranty and are packed with a long list of features included.

What’s more, you can drive away today via purchasing a trailer outright via a take home layby payment plan or an interest free payment plan through Zip Money.

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12 x 6 Livestock Trailer


The Trailers Canberra Livestock (3500KG ATM) trailer is engineered for safe driving and easy reversing The Livestock Trailer features a drop down load ramp, slotted sides to guide your livestock and removable crate. Full four side tying bars an optional spare wheel and wheel bracket.

Livestock Trailer

Hauling cattle has never been easier with Trailers Canberra 3500 kg ATM 12 x 6 Cattle Trailer.

The smooth elemental design, slotted sides, and open-air top give your cattle plenty of air reducing discomfort. Sporting slotted sides, designed to minimise dust and other irritants, you can be sure your cattle will arrive safe and in good condition. The Live Stock Trailer is engineered for easy reversing. With a removable cattle crate and dependable tying bars all around, your Cattle trailer is as versatile as it is durable. As with all our Trailers Canberra, the full package includes spare wheel and jockey wheel.

With unique livestock guides that can be inserted in to the ramps to help guide your animals safely on to the trailer. The multipurpose design allows the complete crate to be removed and the trailer can be used for other purposes such as moving machinery.

At Trailers Canberra, we pride ourselves in the design, production, and assembly of all our trailers. Our Cattle trailers are made from the highest quality, Australian Grade components. The removable crate makes the Cattle trailer easy to clean and restore for your next cattle movement.

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Our trailers are Australian built and adhere to the highest quality standard and come with a 12 month warranty.

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We offer free, comprehensive same day quotes. Zip money payment plans also available on certain products and packages.

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We offer same day quotes on all of our trailers and have the most competitive prices around.

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All of our trailers are Australian built by our experienced team right here in Australia to the highest standard and our competitive trailer packages come standard with a long list of features including a 12 month warranty. 

Contact us for a free same day quote on 02 6113 0549 or enquire online.

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